Workshop 1 | Ages 8+ | Why can't Aymel fly his new kite?


This circle time lesson explores the life of Aymel, a boy from the village of Dadal in Afghanistan. Pupils will learn about human rights and the effect drones had on Aymel’s life. The true story behind this lesson was shared by Raz, a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers.

This workshop can be run as one session or as two shorter sessions.


To gain an understanding of drones and how they affect children’s rights.


  • to understand a number of rights from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • to practise spoken language skills, listening and cooperation in their group
  • to explore empathy with people from a different culture
  • to understand what an armed drone is and be able to explain how it can affect
  • children’s rights
  • to recognise that a moral choice is made when a drone is used to attack people.
Duration: 80 minutes
Age range: 8 to 11


In addition to the downloadable resources below, you will need:
  • A pair of goggles, 
  • an old cereal box and straw to attach the remote control,
  • a  bag containing a small gift.
Acting Out Children's Rights