I, Drone: the ethics of killer robots

I, Drone


Drawing inspiration from robots in science fiction and the real world, this workshop explores the ethics of automating warfare. 
Learners will find out about Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics and ask themselves, what rules would they give to powerful robots?
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Explore the ethics of armed drones that can "think" by themselves


Design your own robot and think about what abilities an laws you would give it
Learn about the development if robots in reality and in popular culture
Learn to use modal verbs to write clear rules/instructions
Practise critical thinking and talking about moral questions

Age range: 8-14 (for older students, try “Do Drones have a Licence to kill?”)
Duration: 2 hours 
Access to the internet and a screen to show online videos is helpful
Art and design materials for designing (or making!) your robot