How to use Fly Kites Not Drones

The workshop plans in this pack are for adults to deliver exciting work with young people, whether in or out of school.

The goal is to provide young people with a learning path to understand human rights and armed drones, building to the creative experience of flying a kite.
We believe young people should have the opportunity to explore challenging topics. Not only does this build critical thinking skills, but young people want to know about the world. We recommend Teaching Controversial Issues from Oxfam GB for further guidance.

There are four workshops in the printed pack of Fly Kites Not Drones, and more will be posted online. There are also two assemblies that can be used to share the project with a larger group more quickly.

Before you fly kites, you might do an assembly or one workshop, or a mixture. The curriculum map online shows the way different activities complement learning areas in schools.

Each workshop has a recommended age range, but if you work with young people, you know what they can do.
We encourage you to mix up activities and be inventive! If you have more ideas for activities, give them a go. We’d love to hear about them.